Q: Is there an admission fee?

- No. At LazerLand of Long Island you pay as you play!

Q: Can we walk in and play?

- Please call ahead for open play hours, they change daily.

Q: What is the minimum age for Laser Tag?

- Kids must be AT LEAST 6 years old to play.

Q: How many people can play Laser Tag at one time?

- 40 players can play in each game.

Q: Can I book a party over the phone?

- Yes. One of our party specialists would be happy to assist you!

Q: What is the deposit to reserve a party?

- We require a $150 non-refundable deposit to hold the date.

Q: How many guests are included in the Laser Tag party package?

- The package includes 10 guests plus a birthday child. Each additional guest is $22.

Q: How much pizza is provided for the party?

- We guarantee 1 slice per child.

Q: Can I bring in outside food for my party?

- The ONLY outside food permitted is a dessert item.

Q: When do I need to have a final head count?

- We will call you three days before your party to get your head count.

Q: Will my party have exclusive use of the Laser Tag and Sports Arenas during my party?

- Yes. The Laser Tag arena and Sports Stadium are exclusive to your party.

Q: Will I have a private party room during my party?

- Yes your party room is available for you and your guests for 1 hour and 45 minutes. 

Q: Do I still have access to the party room if I add Dodge Ball to my party? 

- No. If you add Dodge Ball, the entire party moves out of the party room and into the Sports Stadium area. 

Q: Can parents play Laser Tag during my party?

- Yes. Up to 6 parents can play at no additional charge.

Q: Can a teenager be considered as one of the free adults?

- No. It is just for the parents.

Q: What if one of my guests does not want to play Laser Tag?

- We will give them a 20 credit arcade card to keep them busy while the Laser Tag game is being played. 

Q: When is the final balance due?

 - The final balance is due at the conclusion of the party in CASH.

Q: Are balloons permitted? 

- YES!

Q: Are gratuities included in the party price?

 - No, but they are greatly appreciated.

Q: Is each party guest required to sign a waiver?

 - YES.

Q: What time should my guests and I arrive for my party?

- Please arrive at the time your party is scheduled to begin.

Q: If my child becomes ill the day of the party, can I reschedule?

 - Yes. We will reschedule for the next available day and time.
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